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  • 11 Tips For Generating Leads Using Search Engine Optimisation

    1. Quality Content

    It is important to offer fresh content regularly that includes the right set of keywords, quality backlinks, images tagged correctly with Alt tags, and social media share buttons to encourage engagement. The more the content you post, the higher your level of exposure will be and the higher the likelihood of people sharing it. Provide useful, entertainment, informative content that is easy to read.

    2. Proper Keywords

    Keywords will determine the attention that you get and make your website/content be easily found. It is important to use the right keywords but ensure that you never overuse them. Use keywords sparingly so that your content sounds natural. Don’t forget that keywords with low competition are easier to rank than those with high competition. If you would like to stand out from the crowd, use low competition keywords.

    3. Long Tail Keywords

    Long tail keywords are usually 3 or 4 keyword phrases specific to your product, service, or brand. Using long tail keywords throughout your blog or website makes it easier for your audience to find you through the search engines. For example, “Best SEO in Romford”. If a person is searching for such an SEO, the keywords entered are local and specific.

    4. Tag Images Properly

    It is important to tag your images properly. The search engines cannot physically see your images and can only “read” them, it is important to use Alt tags. Using appropriate tags will ensure that your business shows up when people perform image searches on the search engines. It is important to include descriptive text on the Alt tags.

    5. High-Quality Backlinks

    Backlinks are still an integral component of SEO and you should always include those of high quality. You can choose to either include one or several links to your prior blog posts, or link to other credible and well-known websites whenever you feel it is most appropriate.

    6. Responsive Site Design

    Today, people are no longer limited to using desktops to access the Internet. Mobile users are on the rise, which means that it is time to ensure that your blog or website is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website will not only look great on desktops but will equally look sleek in design and usability on any device. Responsive site design is also important since the search engines have started penalising websites that are not mobile-friendly.

    7. Implementing Local SEO Strategies

    Having a website or blog is sometimes not enough. It is also important to use online directories to build and market your local business. If you do this, your local business will get more traffic and rank higher in the search engines. If you do proper local SEO (e.g. Romford SEO), your business will be the first to show up.

    8. Guest Blogging

    You can consider becoming a guest blogger on other sites. Guest blogging promotes the growth of your credibility, helps to drive more traffic to your website, increases your exposure online, and establishes you as an authority in your field.

    9. Positive Reviews

    You should try getting a huge number of positive reviews. Studies consistently prove that consumers usually trust online reviews and recommendations from people they know. If your customers don’t leave reviews voluntarily, you should consider asking them to do it if you are sure that you provided amazing service and that they were satisfied. The higher the number of positive reviews the higher the likelihood of increasing your leads.

    10. Including a Lead Generation Form

    Presenting an interactive form on your website is another important strategy to increase your leads. Many smart businesses know of the effectiveness of lead generation forms and have the results to prove it. If you include a form on your website, you will be inviting visitors to share their details and collect their data that you can use to convert them into clients later on.

    11. Speeding Up Your Website

    Search engines don’t like pointing visitors towards websites that don’t load quickly. If your website loads faster than those of your competitors, your website will show up in searches faster and you will rank higher. You can check your website loading speed using various free tools that will give you information about your website performance, load time, page size, and tools on how to improve your website more.

    Final Thoughts

    Search engine optimisation can be a powerful tool for increasing your volume of leads. To increase your leads volume using SEO especially if you are in the Romford, Havering, Essex and London areas of the UK, all you need to do is follow the 11 tips we have provided here.

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